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AHHHHhhh …..YOGAaaaahhhhh

AHHHHhhh …..YOGAaaaahhhhh

Ashtanga Yoga. The art of meditation and exercise, or more precisely;

Ashtanga means eight limbs or branches, of which asana or physical yoga posture is merely one branch, breath or pranayama is another.

I have spent my entire life playing sports as hard and as physical as possible, Hockey, Mountain Biking, Hiking and marathon Swims are a few. But Yoga? Really? It just wasn’t my thing, so I thought.

I have now been to 3 classes at Ashtanga Yoga studio (Market Square on Johnson Street) and I have found a new calling.

The instructors are kind, incredibly knowledgeable and supportive of everyone, not just the “grey-haired dude in the beginner’s class”.

But it shocks me still to understand just how much I receive from an hour of stretching bending and breathing, and how good I feel for hours afterward.

When I signed up it was with an open mind. I would “give it an honest try”, I said to myself, and I am still surprised how great I felt after the very first attempt. It was not competitive, though I fought hard to do it properly, it was not at anyone’s speed but my own, and it defied almost all I love about physical exercise. But here I am “practicing” at home and really looking forward to going back in another week.

As the stretches, measured by breaths find rhythm with my body, my mind clears, my shoulders drop, my face relaxes and frustrations melt away. I am left feeling physically strong … with clarity. Which isn’t how I ever feel after a hockey game J

Why not separate yourself from the hectic noisy electronic buzz of life for just one hour a week? Refresh. Renew. Rejuvenate!

Ashtanga Yoga Victoria …. Great instruction, Great location, Great Result. 100% Trade!