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“There is a leverage in Barter that is very difficult to find in a cash transaction, and I really don’t understand why everyone isn’t clamouring to be part of this Network”


FAQs for Contact Page

Do you want to meet new customers?

Who doesn’t want to be part of a Network with hundreds of members and particularly when it makes financial sense for them to do business with each other.

Do you want to increase sales?

Barter members will travel out of their way to use your services because it is in their best interest to do so. We have access to hundreds of new businesses who will want to use you and your products.

Do you want to conserve your cash?

Use Barter Dollars to purchase items and work for your business, or for your office Christmas Party. Why pay cash when you can use old inventory or spare time to pay.

Can I use barter when I want to?

It is your business and you run it your way. You are not forced into selling on Barter. Sell your services, time or space in shoulder season, or when you have a lull in cash business

Will this strengthen my bottom line?

By bringing in more business through Trade and spending trade as opposed to cash on a myriad of goods and services, your bottom line will be enhanced.