Business membership in a trade exchange such as TradeLink Barter Network has many clearly defined business benefits. Many of these are succinct and tangible. The list naturally varies from business to business, however most businesses will experience these benefits:

  • Conserve Cash – Make as many of your purchases as possible in trade dollars and leave your cash in the bank. Using trade dollars when purchasing goods and services instead of cash conserves your cash thereby improving your “bottom line”.
  • Low-cost Purchasing – Purchase capacity, services and goods at a cost equal to your own cost-of-goods-sold (COGS). When you spend the trade dollars you earned from other members, you are effectively purchasing at a much lower price.
  • Fill Excess Capacity – Sell capacity that is not sold during the normal course of business. When a restaurant has unoccupied tables, or a hotel has empty rooms at the end of the day, the opportunity to sell that capacity is lost forever.

It is smart to do some business in trade…the benefits can be measured.

  • Book Uncommitted Time – Sell your services during periods of time of slow- or down-time. Maximize your schedule for improved income and efficiency by utilizing available billable hours.
  • Move Surplus Inventory – Sell slow-moving products or last year’s models at your full retail price in trade; no discounting required.
  • New Customers – Attract and keep new customers that are beyond your conventional marketing and sales processes. Members of TradeLink Barter Network will purchase from you simply because you accept trade dollars. And they will continue to do so…
  • More Remote Customers – Grow your customer base outside of your local geographic marketplace such as up-Island. Again, members will do business with you simply because you accept trade. They have a vested interest. They will also travel a further distance to do business with you.
  • Expand Your Market – Reach new customers in places previously thought too distant. Your business now reaches key business centers in North America and other overseas cities through our direct links to other reciprocal trade exchanges.
  • No Accounts Receivable – Membership ensures you get paid immediately – not thirty, sixty or ninety days later. There is no “Accounts Receivables” Chart of Accounts entry in our world.
  • New Source of Financing –You can easily borrow trade dollars from TradeLink to purchase goods and services when needed.
When you apply for a loan from your bank, your past history determines your qualification. When you apply for a loan from TradeLink, your future determines your qualification.
Your bank will charge you interest on a loan. As a Barter Network we will not do that.
Your bank will not refer new customers to you to help repay your loan. TradeLink will refer new customers to you to help with your loan.
  • Invest in Professional Services – Use your trade dollars to invest in advertising or business coaching to attract more cash-paying customers. Many business owners are reluctant to invest in advertising or training because they are intangible. When you get to appreciate the newly found purchasing power of trade credit, the cost of advertising and education becomes much more acceptable.
  • Employee Rewards – Small business owners are often strapped for cash when it comes to providing bonuses or perks to their employees. Reward your employees with trade purchasing power by setting up sub-accounts.
  • Debt Collection – Small business owners often depend on prompt debt collection to maintain their very viability. Attorneys or commercial collection agencies take both time and money, and writing off the debt is a no-win situation. Offer debtors the option of paying for merchandise or services through trade credit. Trade credit is equal to receiving the original debt in cash with only some sacrifice for transaction fees; a whole lot better than writing off debt altogether.
  • Internet Marketing – Develop your market in the cash world by marketing through Social Media. TradeLink Barter Network presence on FaceBook, Twitter, etc reaches customers who will pay cash for your goods or services.
  • Grow Your Business – Demonstrate substantial growth from new sales within the network. Regardless of the form of payment; sales are sales. If you sell 20% more of your products or services in trade dollars it is reflected in revenue growth of 20%. This kind of reportable growth shows well if you are seeking investors or looking to sell your business.
  • Referral & Loyalty Program – TradeLink Barter Network offers bonuses for the referral of new members.
  • Multi-dimensional Commerce – Our members do not engage in contra; a person-to-person exchange. Instead, our members trade across all facets of the diversity of product our network represents.
  • Power of the Network – Participate in networking events and activities with other like-minded business owners. TradeLink Barter Network maintains a website with pertinent information for all members as to how to increase trading activities. We also issue bulletins listing new members and unique business opportunities. The Barter Network will additionally market your business.
  • Improve Your Lifestyle – Treat yourself to a luxury item, visit an upscale restaurant or take that much-needed and overdue vacation. Business owners all too often put off these expenditures because the cash is better spent elsewhere. Your newfound revenue in trade credit will greatly enhance your lifestyle.
  • It is tangible – Overall network membership is summarized as being a tangible and measurable business benefit.