Why pay cash when you can pay with excess time or inventory?

Tradelink FAQ

What is a Trade/Barter Exchange?

A centralized system that allows members to exchange goods and services of unequal value for a credit which can be used to purchase goods or services with ANY of the other members.

Why not just use cash?

A Trade Exchange allows you to sell excess capacity at full value.  What you don’t sell for cash, you can trade for.  No discounting necessary.

Staff sitting around waiting for the next cash customer? Fill the space with a Trade member.  Better Trade dollars than No dollars.

What can I get in return?

The goods and services are as broad as your imagination. If we don’t have a member that provides your “wants” then let us know and we will find them and sign them up. Presently we can find you anything from European River cruises, to acupuncture, excavating your backyard or Concert tickets.

Where is it located?

Effectively a trade exchange is virtual … on the web, but by the nature of the services offered it remains largely local. Vancouver Island is home but with our reciprocal relationships we can access and offer your goods and services on a global level.

Who are you?

A group of like-minded business people who use trade to expand our customer base and decrease our cash costs.

Any other Advantages?

We offer an interest free line of credit on simple terms. You can then access our network to start purchasing products and services to help build your business.