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$250 for a pre-programmed box
$300 with delivery and set up
$60 to re-program an existing box (He did mine yesterday and it ROCKS!)

I have been using an Android Box on my TV for several months.  It allows me to access movies and TV shows streaming through the internet, rather than paying hundreds of dollars a month to the cable company.

It is simple, a box the size of a piece of Garlic bread is attached to your internet and to your TV and “Bingo” you have access to every movie new or old, and every TV show you can imagine.  “Hogans Heroes” to “The Munsters”, “Happy Days” to “Faulty Towers”.  “Jaws” to “Finding Nemo” or “007” to …. “007”     : )

Erick Hinton will provide a pre-programmed box, deliver and install it for $300 in Trade or you can pay $250 and set it up yourself!

Save yourself from the dreaded “Cable Bill” every month.


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