The IslandTradelink Marketplace is designed to allow Tradelink Members to sell surplus items to other members using Trade Dollars.  Once a transaction has been agreed to, the selling company can use “Post a Transacation” in the back office to process the payment of Trade Dollars for the item.

To look at the listings on the marketplace, select Browse Marketplace.  You don’t need to register on the site to browse listings or make purchases using your Tradelink Account.


If you want to create a listing on the marketplace, you will need to login.  Select “Account” from the Marketplace Menu.

If this is your first time logging into the marketplace, click on Create an Account at the bottom of this screen.

When you select “Create an Account” you will be given a screen to select a username, password and enter some information about yourself.

Once you’ve created an account, select “Manage Listings”.  This will show you any listings that you have in the Marketplace.

Select “Add New Listing” to create a new Marketplace ad.

Enter the details, description and pictures for your item.

When you save it and go back to “Manage Listings” you will see the item listed and can select “EDIT” to change any information about it.